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A Girl and Her Dogs
The musings of a wannabe musher in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Black Hole Kennels
Janet's place is home to a much-loved group of racing sled dogs in Island Park, Idaho.

The Copper Haul Twister League
The blog for a competitive mushing and skijoring group.

Everything Husky! Forum
A very active discussion board about anything related to Northern breed dogs.

The ExploreNorth Blog
Yukon huskies Kayla and Monty often show up on this lifestyle blog.

Sean FitzGerald's sled dog racing team at Whitehorse, Yukon.

Full Life, Empty Pockets
"We do what we can to support our lifestyle - one that includes a kennel of sled dogs, a few chickens, and the desire to become increasingly self-sufficient again."

Funhog and Fundogs
Outdoor life with Malamutes in south-central Alaska.

Gone to the Dogs
Heather is a mum of twins, living off the grid in the Yukon with outdoor plumbing and 38 sleddogs (and a cat).

Happy Valley Puppy Park
A photo diary of 3 dogs living in the Happy Valley, Colorado.

Hodge Podge Kennel
A kennel of rescued shelter dogs in Fairbanks, Alaska - Alaskan huskies, Great Pyrenees, German Shepherds, Samoyeds, and some a mix of all of those.

Laughing Eyes Kennel Journal
Tamra and Hugh live with 60 dogs near Annie Lake, Yukon, racing and running them recreationally.

Rogue Summit Kennel
A mid-distance racing kennel consisting of huskies from various bloodlines, some rescue, situated in Two Rivers, Alaska.

Wandering Spirits Kennels
Living in Canada's Yukon Territory with 24 dogs (almost all former shelter residents), 8 cats and a husband.

The Yahoos' Dog Blog
Life at Dream Valley Ranch in the mountains of Colorado, with a rescued pack and herd of dogs and horses.

Yukon Yahoos
The antics of Sleddog Stacie's pack will keep you amused, and she provides a good look at life far from any town.

Zoya's Kennel Journal
Yukon Quest mushers Zoya DeNure and John Schandelmeier run sled dog tours in Alaska.