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Malamute puppies
Is there anything cuter than husky babies? (in this case, Malamutes)

      Northern peoples have bred dogs for 3 primary purposes - herding, assisting hunters, and for pulling sleds and other conveyances. While Northern hunting dogs, most of which originated in Europe, are still commonly working in their intended duties, and herding dogs are still working in many areas, sled dogs are mainly seen now in recreational roles rather than utilitarian ones.

      Although the use of sled dogs has dropped dramatically due to the widespread adoption of snowmobiles for winter travel, the days when dogsledding was a way of life are still fondly remembered by many Northerners.

      The sites below offer a vast array of information on dogs ranging from the huge Alaskan Malamute sled dogs to the tiny but muscular herder known as the Swedish Vallhund.

Northern Breeds - General


Alaskan Husky

Alaskan Klee Kai

Alaskan Malamute

American Eskimo Dog

Black Russian Terrier

Canadian Eskimo Dog

Caucasian Ovcharka


Chow Chow


Finnish Hound

Finnish Lapphund

Finnish Spitz

Iceland Sheepdog

Inuit Dog


Karelian Bear Dog

Kugsha Dog


Lapponian Herder (Reindeer Dog)

Mackenzie River Husky

Mud Husky

Norwegian Buhund

Norwegian Elkhound

Norwegian Lundehund



Scandinavian Hound

Seppala Siberian Sleddogs

Shiba Inu

Siberian Husky

Swedish Lapphund

Swedish Molosser

Swedish Vallhund

Tahltan Bear Dog

Wolf-Dog Hybrids