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Wolf Hybrids

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Wolf-Dog Hybrids
Wolf Park has posted an excellent discussion on hybrids, intended to dispel rumours and educate potential owners.

Florida Lupine Association
FLA represents responsible wolf and wolfdog owners in Florida - the Web site provides information on hybrids, and on current issues.

Living with Wolfdogs
This book by Nicole Wilde, published in 1998, remains the best source of information about living with a wolf hybrid. A smaller book by the same author is now available widely - Wolfdogs A-Z: Behavior, Training & More

National Esquimaux Dog Association
Formerly The National Wolf Hybrid Association - no longer online, but information about NEDA has been posted here.

The Wolfdog Coalition
This group focusses on getting rabies vaccine approval for wolves and wolf hybrids.

Wolf Dunn
Lots of information on wolf hybrids, with a particularly good photo album of wolf-dogs from around the US.