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Husky Food, Health & Nutrition

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center
Information on the foods, plants and other materials that can poison your dog.

Aunt Jeni has posted an excellent introduction to the "Bones & Raw Food" diet - an alternative to commercial dog foods.

The Canine Eye Registration Foundation
CERF is working to eliminate genetic eye defects in purebred dogs. For Siberian Huskies, SHOR (the Siberian Husky Ophthalmic Registry) offers a more inexpensive alternative.

Canine Medicine Chest
Herbal remedies for dogs. Lots of information (and free newsletters) about dog health supplements and how to restore health and vitality with herbs.

Dog Food Comparison Charts
An extensive list of charts which list all of the ingredients in prepared dog foods in several categories.

Dog Health Insurance
QuickCare Pet Insurance Programs provide accident and illness coverage for your dog, financial protection for you, in the US and Canada.

Dog Owner's Guide
An extensive index to articles on everything from canine etiquette to complex health issues.

Doggie Treat Recipes
A collection of 56 recipes.

Doggie Treats
An excellent collection of recipes for make-your-own treats and special meals.

Eldorado Racing Feeds
Wide selection of raw frozen meats for working dogs: chicken, horse, beef, tripe, oils & fats. Distributor for Mountain Dog Food. Shipping to Alaska, Yukon, NWT, Nunavut and BC.

Eye and Hip Disease in Siberians
A good summary that includes juvenile cataracts and hip dysplasia.

K-9 Nutrition List
This email discussion group is for people wanting to learn more about canine nutrition, and for sharing ideas on feeding, especially for special needs such as illness, recuperating, lactation and pregnancy.

The Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals
The definitive source of information on hip dysplasia, as well as elbow, thyroid, congenital heart disease and patellar luxation.

Take care of your pet's health with quality products at PetCareRx.

Three Dog Bakery
Spoil your pooch and yourself with a birthday cake, cookies, mugs, T-shirts and lots more.

Working Dog Web
With The Racing Siberian Husky Online, this site provides an extensive resource (well over 100 health & nutrition links) that is constantly updated.