April 1st, 1991 - October 29th, 2000

    In memory of our beloved and cherished Chinook, who was taken from us very suddenly on October 29, 2000.

    Chinook was the younger of the two Siberian Huskies that bless our home. His father, Tyler, is 13½ years old, and for the last year we have been trying to prepare ourselves to be able to say good-bye to him, as he has arthritis and is not getting any younger. We never imagined we would be faced with losing Chinook first. (the angels took Tyler over the Rainbow Bridge on January 12, 2001 - his memorial is posted here)

    Chinook was a beautiful, loving and devoted part of our family. His favorite pastimes were singing his lovely husky songs for anyone who would listen, always being there at the door to greet you with his kisses when you came home, or being a little devil getting into something he shouldn't be, no matter how dog-proof our house was.

    He loved books, but not for the pleasure of reading them, he preferred to shred them. He enjoyed playing games with Tyler, taking each other's toys and bones and piling them in front of each other to see who had the most. And of course he preferred the comfort of the couch or any chair instead of his dog bed.

    Chinook was the last puppy born in a litter of nine. He was also the biggest, and had to delivered by Cesarean. He was born on "April Fools Day", which also happened to be the day my husband and I met (on Chinook's 2nd Birthday). From the day he was born, I knew there was something special about this puppy and decided I would keep him. I never had any children of my own except for my four legged ones, and in 1995 my children and I became a blended family with my husband and his two boys (two legged of course). It was an adjustment for all, but we made it through.

    Chinook's passing has left me with a feeling of emptiness. We don't know what the exact cause of death was, but all signs point to a malignant tumor (Hemangiosarcoma) that does not show itself until it's pretty much too late, which was the case with our Chinook. He collapsed at 5:30 am on a Sunday morning, we rushed him to the Veterinary Clinic and five hours later the most difficult and heart breaking decision to let him go peacefully had to be made.

    Everything happened so quickly, and as I write this memorial I am still trying to come to terms with this horrible nightmare that has created such a huge void in my life. I would do anything for just one more walk, to hear him sing one more time or kiss him goodnight again.

    I know as time goes by and I look at the urn with his ashes I will take comfort in knowing that Chinook is now at peace, painfree and waiting for his "Mommy" to one day join him.

    I am grateful to have been blessed with you in my life, we will always love and miss you, Chinookers. Our memories of you will be with us forever. Until we meet again, my friend.

Beth Bellar and Family

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