Memories of Jesse

    Jesse came into our lives in October '92. My sister and I could not resist his beautiful face when we first saw him at a pet store. He charmed our whole family with his piercing blue eyes and unique personality.

    Jesse's favorite pastimes were: playing ball with a basketball (he was really playing soccer), going for long walks or drags it felt more like (especially in the snow), pretending to kill his squeaky toys (remembering incidents with squirrels and our ill-fated hamster, just to name a few that crossed his path). Getting rub-downs from everyone, and playing rough with his best friend Sasha (our Pomerainian).

    Jesse lived for the first snow of the winter and loved to roll on his back making snow huskies. He would have his snow nose for the winter months. His dislike were thunderstorms, getting baths, being brushed and someone taking Sasha for a walk before him.

Best friends forever - Jesse, Michele and Sasha

    When Jesse got sick, it happened so fast we didn't know what hit us - we didn't want our boy to suffer through cancer treatment. If we only we had more time with him. I would give anything to take him for one more long walk through the woods or kiss his sweet lips good night. I loved the sound of him breathing and snoring in his sleep every night on the floor next to my bed. I felt safe. Jesse and Sasha were the best of friends, they were always together. They used to cuddle close together, eat together, and sometimes fight over the same bone like two kids wanting the same toy. Now Sasha doesn't like going for walks without Jesse. She misses playing with him out back. Jesse loved running through the backyard as fast as he could and Sasha would chase him, barking wildly at his ankles.

    But now he has crossed the Rainbow Bridge to join his ancestors. I know he will be waiting for us when our time comes to be together. In the meantime, don't worry Jesse, we'll take good care of your sister Sasha and we'll never forget you and your beautiful face. We miss hearing your unique bark (growl) and you scratching the back door begging for a bone. All I can do is be thankful that we were blessed to have had you in our lives and will always be in our memories forever until the day we meet again.

Goodbye Jesse we love and miss you!!

Michele, Tiffany, Kellene, Grandmom Tot, Daddy Billy and Sasha
May 2000

Kellene and Jesse

Tiffany, with Jesse 'on guard'


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