June 12, 1987 - January 12, 2001

    It is with great sorrow I find myself writing the second memorial of my beloved dogs within 2½ months of each other (to Chinook's memorial).

Tyler in 1987     Tyler was the first Siberian Husky I had. He came home with me at six weeks of age and by eight weeks he became a part of my working world. For the next year and a half we both worked 8-4 - there was no doubt that everyone at work loved Tyler. On our lunch hour we would go to my Mom's and some days Tyler would have the afternoon off to spend time with his Grandma and watch the fish in her tank swimming around.

    In the winter of 1988 we left the big city for the country life. We both loved it. Although Tyler never ran free unless it was fenced in, we always went for long walks. The winters were great for sledding, which Tyler took to naturally, unlike his son Chinook. We did a lot of traveling for races, showing or just vacationing - Tyler and I put many miles under our belts together.

Laura and Tyler, June 1991     Eventually the family grew with more Siberians but Tyler was always number one, the KING of the house until it was time for a bath or to have his nails clipped, then he became the biggest suck of the house. He had a squeaky toy the last few years that had to go everywhere with him, if we went upstairs to bed he would go and forget about the toy for a minute because he knew he was getting his bedtime cookie, but the minute the cookie was done and he realized he hadn't brought his toy, he would run down and bring it upstairs with him to bed.

    There just aren't enough words for me to describe the bond Tyler and I shared. We had many adventures, with many ups and downs for me, but no matter what I always had Tyler in my life to give me the strength to get through the down times. I used to think he could read my mind and know when I was down and needed a kiss or a nudge of the nose to say, "hey I'm here for you," and put a smile on my face. With all the traveling we did Tyler would sit in the passenger seat of the truck or car, so tall and proud with his leg resting on the arm rest. He was always ready to place his order of Tim-bits at the drive-through at Tim Horton's and willing to take them so gently when given.

    Tyler had the greatest personality and loved being around people. One of his favorite times was Christmas, opening presents - even the ones that weren't for him. I would wrap up rawhide bones in tissue paper, and he would get the bone out and walk around with it in his mouth crying. I will cherish those memories and one day will find the strength to watch the videos of him and Chinook.

Beth and Tyler, August 2000     It has been very difficult to see my most treasured (4 legged) friend slowly over time lose more and more of his quality of life from Arthritis and with aging. Even more difficult was finally coming to the decision to say good-bye and following through with it. There were many times I asked myself, "am I keeping him here for me or him?" Tyler's health declined slowly, so we always made accommodations to make his daily life a little easier. We built him a ramp outside, which he thought was great, no more step to get in the house. I would have done absolutely anything for Tyler, but in the last few weeks watching him I knew the end was getting closer. On January 12th I came home and found Tyler in very bad shape. With tears running down my face I made the appointment for that day to take him to the vet. Unlike two and a half months ago when I had to make the decision about Chinook, it was a little easier as he was already there, but putting Tyler in the car knowing it would be the last time was heartbreaking.

    I am very grateful for every minute I had with Tyler over the last 13½ years. He is the last of my Siberian boys (dogs) and with the devastation of losing both within the last 2½ months I can say it will be a very long time before (if ever) I get another dog. I love animals but this sorrow is too much.

    I do take some comfort knowing Tyler is with his son Chinook who passed away on October 29, 2000 and that my mom is with both of them, spoiling them rotten.

    Gone but never forgotten Tyler, you were one of a kind and will always hold a very special place in my heart.

Beth Bellar

Tyler (left) and Chinook in 1993
Tyler and Chinook in 1993

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