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Mushing Around the World

by Murray Lundberg

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Musher Mary Shields with her sled dogs, Fairbanks, Alaska Mary Shields used to give wonderful mushing presentations at Chena Village near Fairbanks. This was taken in September 1991. If you haven't read her books Small Wonders: Year-Round Alaska, and Sled Dog Trails, give yourself a treat - her sensitivity to the world around her make them a real pleasure to read.

Southern Lakes Classic sled dog race, Carcross, Yukon The start of the Southern Lakes Classic at Carcross, Yukon, with the temperature at minus 35°, plus a wind. No problem with crowds, though! January 24, 1993.

Dewey Halverson's Mushing Gift Shop at Denali Park, Alaska Iditarod veteran Dewey Halverson's class act at Denali Park, Alaska in 1991. A gift shop, but also an excellent interpretive center set in the forest.

The sled dogs of Denali Park, Alaska The National Park Service Rangers at Denali Park have an immaculate kennel full of happy dogs who love to put on a show! The booklet Sled Dogs of Denali tells the story of the part the dogs have played in the park.

Freight for Yukon Quest mushers arrives in Fairbanks Sorting freight for Yukon Quest mushers is a huge job. Here, at dusk, with the temperature at 30° below zero (and falling rapidly), I've just arrived in Fairbanks with a 3-ton load from Whitehorse prior to the 1993 race.

Fun with Kingmik Expeditions' sled dogs near Golden, British Columbia Mushing isn't all hard work and brute strength - here, Dr. Hannelore Cramer from Grunwald, Germany perfects her high-speed cornering technique in the British Columbia Rockies. YeeHaw!! (That's a very powerful 6-dog team - 2 are hidden in a dip)

Mushing through a winter forest Mushing in the Blaeberry Valley, near Golden, British Columbia. Unless you're the lead dog, the scenery never changes! This trip with Doug Hannah of Kingmik Expeditions was the start of my passion for huskies and mushing.

Mushing through a winter forest Mushing in the Blaeberry Valley, near Golden, British Columbia. The Canadian Rockies at their finest.

Kingmik Expedition sled dogs after a great run in the Canadian Rockies As you can clearly see, sled dogs love every minute of the time they're in harness!

Luxurious Mushing in Austria

After getting used to seeing sled dog teams being hauled in rusted-out Ford pickups in the Yukon and Alaska, it's quite a shock to see custom-built Mercedes haulers in the Austrian Alps.

Samoyed racing sled dogs in Bavaria For my friends at Sleddog-L, here's the racing Samoyed photos I promised.

Samoyed racing sled dogs in Bavaria The Samoyeds that I saw racing in Bavaria weren't the fastest, nor were they great at endurance, but aren't they gorgeous?

The 1999 Yukon Quest Nanook Beanie Babies out on a 
training run near Whitehorse, Yukon With Nanook #3 leading, a team of Yukon Quest Nanooks head out on a training run in the forest near Whitehorse, getting ready for the 1999 Yukon Quest.

Pulk racing in Germany Last, but certainly not least, a beautiful Siberian does his stuff in the pulk races in Bavaria. Notice the difficulty that side-hills cause on pulking trails - it's impossible to keep everything in line, and both the dog and skier are always fighting the side pressure.

All photos are © 1991-2009 by Murray Lundberg, and are not to be reproduced without permission.

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